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Crucible: back issues

May 2017

Review of MMTA’s Dublin Conference 2017; Automotive battery growth enters ludicrous mode; Non-ferrous industry vision 2050 & more

April 2017

Materials for Defence; Metals conducting electricity with no heat; MMTA visit Vital Materials & more!

March 2017

How to tackle Air Pollution; Niobium Rising; Lithium in Cornwall & more!

February 2017

Afghanistan—a view of the resource landscape; Trump, trade & commodities; Metallic hydrogen—really? And more!

January 2017

Brexit: In Pursuit of Clarity; MMTA Member Focus: Hunan Jinwang Bismuth; China Lithium Developments


November 2016

The Internet of Things; In conversation with Nick French; Selenium and the Birth of TV & more

October 2016

Graphene: Friend or Foe; Minor Metals in nuclear medicine; Chemical Reg in US (TSCA Reauthorization) & more

September 2016

Granting China Market Economy Status & more

August 2016

The New Blue; A History of Minor Metals in Nuclear; The Social Value of

June 2016

Vanadium for energy storage & Brazil’s considerable mineral wealth

May 2016

Minor Metals Ready for the Circular Economy & In Conversation with Derek

April 2016

Focus on Amsterdam 2016 Tulip madness!

March 2016

Clean Energy Runs on Magnets & Growth of the Mexican Aerospace

February 2016

Radical Changes in Mining & UK Modern Slavery Act

January 2016

Drakelands Tungsten Mine & Implications of By-product Status for

November 2015

Price Providers Respond to Members’ Question & What the EU are doing

September 2015

June 2015

Yale University Criticality Consortium EU Conflict Minerals – The Politics of

April 2015

Recovery of Metals From Fly Ash Solar Planes & Sustainable Roads

February 2015

Mandatory European Conflict Minerals Legislation? Avoiding Cracked Castings

November 2014

REACH and the Artist’s Palette, Metals in the body: Titanium

September 2014

Mining the Abyss China’s 12th 5-year plan and the metal industry

July 2014

The Fanya Metal Exchange & The Impact of Conflict Minerals Legislation

April 2014

Mining Perspectives-Earth & Beyond Proposed European Conflict Minerals

February 2014

European Rare Earths Production Magnesium Metal Market Overview

December 2013

Indium – Critical? Can you rely on frame contracts?

October 2013

Focus on Warehousing, Regulation Update

July 2013

Cobalt Market Report, Finnish Mining Update

April 2013

Women in Mining Interview, MMTA Warehousing Update

January 2013

Tantalum Market Overview Launch, Metals Pro Climate

October 2012

Focus on the Implications of Dodd-Frank, Interview with William Millman

July 2012

MMTA Launches Training Programme in partnership with NAMTEC

April 2012

New-Look Crucible Launched