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The British Geological Survey (BGS) s a world-leading independent research organisation providing expert geoscientific data, information and knowledge.

The UK’s national geological survey, it runs national and international geoscience programmes and is engaged in research and innovation addressing a geoscientific challenges including decarbonisation and resource management. Its research includes core geological survey and monitoring work and other innovative projects that address the changing needs of its stakeholders, and is supported by more than  400 datasets, including environmental monitoring data, digital databases, physical collections (borehole core, rocks, minerals and fossils), records and archives.

BGS is the founder of the UK Critical Minerals Intelligence Centre (CIMC), which  supports the UK in securing adequate, timely and sustainable supplies of the minerals and metals it requires to transition to net-zero emissions, mitigate risks to national security and deliver economic benefits.  It support from the Department for Business & Trade (DBT) and works together with universities and private and public sector partners to gather and analyse intelligence on the supply and demand of critical minerals, their global value chains and use by UK industry.

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British Geological Survey
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