Geokompetenzzentrum (GKZ)

  • Partner Association

GKZ is a triple helix network of industry, research, and administration operating in the fields of mineral raw materials along the whole value chain.

The head office is located in Freiberg, Saxony, a raw material science and business hot spot in the Federal Republic of Germany. The objective of GKZ’s business is the initiation of R&D and coordinated support actions including exploitation and market surveys, as well as close partnership with international organisations in technical and development cooperation, in order to strengthen the members’ technology development and market entry.

GKZ is putting together teams to develop funding bidding groups, and ultimately to solve industrial problems. Through the collaboration of experts from different fields, the aim is to solve a range of contemporary problems, including in the areas of exploration, mining, environmental and resource management, processing and recycling. As a non-profit organisation, GKZ’s aims also include training and education, as well as raising raw material awareness in society.

Contact Name: Dr. Wolfgang Reimer

Business Phone: +49-3731-773715


Geokompetenzzentrum Freiberg e.V.
Burgstr. 19
D-09599 Freiberg