Hunan Jinwang Bismuth Industrial Co Ltd

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Based in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, P.R. China, Hunan Jinwang Bismuth Industrial Co., Ltd (“Jinwang”) was established in April 2001 and specializes in the production of high purity bismuth metal as well as bismuth chemicals. With more than $280m total assets invested and $435m turnover in 2013, Jinwang is the only fully vertically integrated player in the field with operations starting from its own mining assets (crushing, smelting, refining, separation) right through to the production of a very broad range of bismuth products used in a number of industrial, electronics and pharmaceutical applications.

With a newly finished plant, Xianxi, the company is currently the largest bismuth recycling base in China. It uses an oxygen-rich side-blown smelting furnace and bismuth electrolytic refining process, which is the world’s first such technology. Compared with traditional methods, this new one can adapt not only a variety of materials, but also greatly reduces the energy consumption of smelting. More importantly, the output of the flue gas contains more SO2 to be produced as sulfuric acid. This means that the long-term environmental protection difficulty of the pyro-metallurgical refining bismuth industry is fundamentally solved. Meanwhile, all of the industrial wastewater from the whole plant is collected into the water treatment plant. The water is recycled and reused after treatment, achieving zero discharge of wastewater. Dust removal and desulfurization equipment for waste gas treatment is installed to ensure that the exhaust emissions meet the standards. The slag is sent to a cement plant as raw ingredients after evacuation by water quenching, in order to make it a truly resource-saving and environment friendly Green Plant.

The bismuth products of Jinwang have been registered for REACH, and are therefore permitted to enter into the EU market. Jinwang has also met the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 and acquired Certificate of GMP for its bismuth Parma products.

Now that the 2 million sq-ft plant, Xianxi, is fully operational, Jinwang is capable of producing high-purity bismuth (8,000 tonnes), ultra fine bismuth oxide (3,500 tonnes), Parma bismuth salts (1,000 tonnes), silver (500 tonnes), tellurium (300 tonnes), gold (10 tonnes) and a variety of metal recovery including lead, antimony, and copper.

Jinwang wishes to co-operate with friends all over the world based on the principles of Equality, Mutual Benefits, and Credit Standing in order to add value to the society.

Minor Metals Available

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