Indium Corporation

  • Producer

Founded in 1934, Indium Corporation is based in Utica, New York, USA.

Indium Corporation is an ISO 9001-registered developer, manufacturer, and supplier of specialty alloys and solders (including solder paste, solder preforms, solder spheres, solder wire, solder tubing, solder ribbon, and solder foil), solder fluxes, electrically-conductive adhesives, inorganic indium compounds (including indium oxide, indium-tin oxide, indium hydroxide, and indium chloride), fusible alloys, indium-containing fabrications of all types, and pure indium (from commercial grade through high-purity grade).

It operates manufacturing facilities in China, England, Singapore, and the USA. The company has Sales offices at several locations throughout the world.

Contact Name: Malcolm Harrower
Contact Email:

Business Phone: +39 0011 655 331


Via Principe Tommaso, 55

Minor Metals Available

  • Gallium
  • Germanium
  • Indium

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