Odin Warehousing & Logistics BV

  • Warehouse / Forwarder

Odin Warehousing & Logistics B.V. was set up alongside Thor Shipping in 2004, to serve the Swedish market. Many of our Swedish members are well known to them. Odin is 100% independent today and does business with companies all around the world.

Odin’s experienced team has been dealing with ferro and non-ferro metals throughout their existence and before. Their newly built warehouses have been equipped with ultra-modern security systems, perimeters are fully fenced and a closed circuit tv installation watches over the facilities and the stored goods. Besides the regular activities, Odin provides value added logistics, deals with your customs clearances and can offer you fiscal representation services. Odin can also assist you with your cargo insurance at competitive rates with 100% Lloyd’s security.

Odin Warehousing & Logistics B.V. looks forward to meeting you!

Contact Name: Marcel Schot

Business Phone: +31 (10) 4284284


Klompenmakerstraat 89
The Netherlands
3194 DD