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Toma Group is engaged in recycling process of metal alloys containing Rhenium (Re) and manufacturing Rhenium products for over than 10 years.

We recycle such materials as: W-Re, Mo-Re, W/Mo/Re, Ni based super-alloys, metal Rhenium, Ammonium Perrhenate and other Rhenium containing materials.

Toma Group produces Basic Grade Ammonium Perrhenate (69.4%) with purity of Catalyst Grade according to tests and specification. At present moment productivity amount of factory is up to 130 kg of Rhenium in APR (69,4%) or up to 3000 kg of raw material per month.

Our engineers constantly develop new technologies and work on higher yield. In 2006 we have developed new technology for processing Ni- based super alloys and in 2009 company has installed new production line and technologies, which led to 100% rise of productivity amount.

Toma Group is always ready to start stable partnership and satisfy your company needs in Ammonium Perrhenate and recycling of Rhenium containing materials.

Contact Name: Svetlana Smirnova
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Business Phone: +37 25112806


Türi 10D

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