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We made the decision many years ago to centralize our focus on Tungsten and the alloys that are part of it’s family. Our mission is to be the “Tungsten Specialists” of the metals industry, and we continually strive for this through our family of companies that center around the versatile uses and applications of Tungsten & it’s familial alloys.

  • Our oldest and largest division, Tungco, specializes in tungsten carbide hard scraps, including but not limited to tungsten carbide drills, tungsten carbide inserts, tungsten carbide wear parts and tungsten carbide mining compacts. Tungco’s competitive edge comes from over 40 years of experience with tungsten carbide scraps and unrivaled customer & supplier relations.
  • Tungco Powder Procurement (TPP) began in 2009 and specializes in tungsten carbide sludge, also known as tungsten carbide swarf or tungsten carbide soft scrap.

 We are leading the industry in the secondary raw materials market, offering  customers exactly what they are looking for on a consistent basis.  We pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to make each client happy.

Contact Name: Adam Rubin
Contact Email: arubin@tungco.com

Business Phone: +1 270 825 0000


3955 Anton Rd.
Madisonville, Kentucky 42431

Minor Metals Available

  • Tungsten (Wolfram)